I have not had a lab under 83 but i cant pay people to vote for my solutions lol.

I have not had a lab under 83 but i cant pay people to vote for my solutions lol. The only thing that get votes is green and red at the end of stack and lue yellow in the middle.

I think this just points to a need for emphasis on education about the principals of RNA folding (though this must be gone about carefully, since the whole thing is still quite mysterious), and to the need for a blind voting system.

I think a new voting system was on the to-do list, but I haven’t heard anything about it for quite awhile. The demo looked pretty cool.

Likewise. Never a bad lab (none under 90 so far) and I get some votes, but seldom enough to get picked when only 4 players make the cut on each round of the lab. It’s not very encouraging. If you (EteRNA) are trying to retain the interest of relatively good players you need to change something.

For everyone who thinks they can do better than the designs that get voted for in the labs, I challenge you to prove it, in the player projects. Since every design everyone submits isn’t intended to win there, pick some that you think you can ace, and announce that you’re going to win them. If you do, that should give you the attention and the proven ability that will get you votes in the labs, certainly with more likelihood than complaining. Make sure you announce the ones you will win some time in advance, to allow all the people you’re convinced you’re as good as/better than to enter if they choose. May the best ones win.

I hereby announce that from now on i will win every lab i participate in. If i wanted all my designs synthed it’s not the lab i would try though, as oolong said. This isn’t a job it’s a game, if you want to be famous make yourself known and you will be. Just be careful, bad memories last too. Anyone reading this for example will likely not vote on either of us :stuck_out_tongue: