I like to work up to 4 labs at once in different tabs. Will doing that slow down the A/B/C-dec puzzle even more?

The description is in the title. I want to add though that i can be solving the first 6 sublabs of open TB/2 while waiting for the last two sublabs to calculate if my question is answered!!! thanks!!! 

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My solutions in the last two labs takes about 40-45 seconds to compute a mutation in either lab.
I opened the two labs in separate tabs.
I started a mutation in the next to last lab and began timing.  
I switched to the last lab and began a mutation.  I went back to the next to last lab at about 40 seconds.
It took an additional 40 seconds to complete it’s calculations.

So, for my computer, switching to another tab suspends calculations on the first tab :( 

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I have been designing for A/B/C-dec in one tab and moding my design from the first sublab of open tb and it seems to be working but it also seems to be slowing it down. its not so bad maybe because my attention is going back and forth keeping my mind busy. A kind of time flies when your having fun type thing! thanks for the test and response bob!