I think there might be a mistake in the One Bulge Cross data.

I noticed that round 2 only has 5 synthesized designs, while round 4 has 9 designs and round 5 has ten designs. Shouldn’t they all have 8?

I think that was the lab when there was a delay in some of the processing, so some designs that were submitted in Round Two were synthesized in Round Three, leaving the lab swamped and requiring them to push some of the Round Three designs into Round Four synthesis, etc…

In the csv I think it has both the round they were submitted in and the round they were synthesized during.

Ding’s right - there was a mix up in rounds where only subset of synthesis results were delayed.

Thanks for responding Ding!

In the csv the synthesis round column is identical to the submitted round column.

Guess I remembered wrong, sorry :frowning:

You can always sort by NID number to figure out which designs were submitted in which round (first 8 are round one, second 8 round two, etc)

NID number isn’t that accurate either. Its more accurate. But the submitted round column might need to be made more accurate. Especially with the somewhat frequent lab delays… Would help in revising earlier designs.