I think we can use the points for something more than just ranks

soooOOOooo uh
i think we can use points for something better. like maybe we can buy custom chat colors, more bubbles, more features, and more explosion-stuff in our profile. i’m pretty sure LFP6 will say no :wink:
but i think it’s pretty dang amazing and i want it in the game!

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This is from an internal developer wiki. LFP6 found it and shared it a bit ago.

Gold-Rush Economy

  • In order to stake your claim to a solution, you must pay a fee.
  • Other players can pay for the right to use your solution so in that way a solution is an investment.
  • Or perhaps you can choose to allow players to use your solution for free but take a portion of whatever money they make off the solution.
  • When looking at others solutions to buy you would not see the shape, but just the relevant statistics. We don’t want people to be able to easily recreate that.
  • It would suck if you didn’t have enough money to make a claim, so maybe you can take out loans.
    Scripting Economy
  • You can pay for pieces with which to create a script. This prevents programmers from being too empowered.
  • This also might manifest itself as a tool or a “cookbook”
    - For example you could pay for different “if…then” and “if…else” conditions. (Final Fantasy 13), different variables
    - When a script is created it can be sold and bought. It is good if there is a lot of different ways to make money so people can take on different strategies.
    - Other players can pay to use your tools or cookbooks. this way not everyone needs to be a creator.
    - You can sell your cookbooks for use only or for more money they can edit and change the cookbook (what if they resold).
    Custom Puzzle
  • You can pay money to create your own puzzles or create your own tools
    - You get paid money for people playing your puzzle? or maybe you only get paid if a solution to you puzzle is synthesized by Stanford?
    Betting Economy-
    Players have a limited number of bets (needs to be less than the number of solutions slected)
  1. The players can also bid on slots (maybe more than one solution in a slot)
  2. some solutions will be selected based on how many bets are made.
  3. There needs to be long odds to motivate people to bet on underdogs or else everyone will keep jumping on the bandwagons (Stanford can pick these).
    Other ways to make money:
  • You can make money by betting
  • You get money for signing on, to a certain limit
  • You get money for high scores
  • You get money for having your solutions selected by Stanford
  • Get money for finding bugs
  • You get money for solving intro puzzles
  • You could get paid to “tutor”
    Other things to spend money on:
  • Spend money to ask questions to researchers at Stanford.
  • Spend money to create your eteRNA avatar (players could buy and sell these as well)
  • You can pay for a tutor to help you solve a puzzle (this is like what the HCII team suggested last semester with making exchanges of information more rich)
  • Upgrade your tools.
    -Purchasing synthesis slots (VERY EXPENSIVE) perhaps in groups (bidding for slots)
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Well, interesting ideas… But paying for someone to teach and give tipps how to generally solve the puzzles distorts the idea of this project- make as fast as possible everyone fit for solving puzzles and contributing to labs.

I would suggest to use these economics only on scripting- selling selfmade scripts for solving puzzles etc. and buying rights to use those scripts to solve puzzles. Those, who make better scripts receive rewards (e.g. 10 coins fot the first solved puzzle, 25c for 5 puzzles etc.).

Drawback- the scripts wouldnt be open source anymore.
But it would move people to develope more and better scripts. I would suggest that the old scripts stay open source.


yes yes I like the scripts idea

that would not be good and then the game would change to game like moomoo.io

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