I would like a one month extension on the current TB round 2 labs.

I would like a one month extention on the current TB round 2 labs. I am close to a design for ABCdec and still need to do mods of my designs from the other sub-labs.

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any extension would be helpful. THANKS

Hi Astromon!  Now that we have data for round 1, I think it’s important that we switch back to the round 1 targets and figure out how to improve the results there.  This is what round 3 will be.

As to the exact timing of the switch to round 3, I’m not sure exactly when that will happen.  The devs who would normally do this are short on time too, (aren’t we all :slight_smile: ); and you may indeed get some extra time.  But I wouldn’t count on a major extension.

And don’t throw away any unfinished work you have in progress.  Before the end of round 3, we should have results back for round 2, and round 4 may use the round 2 oligos again.

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Okay, thanks

I propose after the clock runs down to put another specific time so players have an idea how much more time they will have ! thanks!

Ok, there was an impromptu dev chat today and the deadline for this round has been postponed until this Sunday evening.  Refer to the countdown clock for exact details.

Hope this helps some!

I did the max (100) submissions to AB/C_inc some time ago.
I tried to submit another design today.  In the list mode it said I had 100 solutions left to do.  I tried to submit one and a window popped up saying I had no more submissions as if I was maxed out still.     

I’m looking into it.

@whbob, Caleb has a possible theory and did something to force a database sync.  Can you try again?

@ Omei: Thanks, just tried, works great.  Thanks to Calib also :slight_smile:
1 down, 99 to go