Ideas for improving the player projects

I have noticed a few things while I’m trying to get started on player projects. Here is my ideas for how the gameplay can be improved.

  1. I read the description before I start solving. But sometimes I forget the description or I need some of the information included in the project description. So I would like to be able to open the project info from within the lab.

  1. In the project above, Quasispecies have also kindly provided the link to SCOR where one can see structures from nature and use as inspiration for solving. It would be very helpful if these links opens in a seperate window, so I can then switch between the pages when I need to. Now when I click the link I get taken away from the player project.

Big thanks

I admit that I have sort of stopped solving player projects. I seem to loose my way in there, clicking back and forth between the projects.

Mainly I need to be able to click ”NEXT” after finishing a player project and then automaticly get sent somewhere I haven’t been before.

Make me addicted to player projects too :slight_smile:

A next button would help. Personally I do not really have much motivation for designing different designs for the player projects because it feels more like gruntwork than gameplay. Once the structure is stabilized/solved, I don’t feel the need to change the design or continue on because there is no visible feedback on how my changes actually affect anything. I am new to the lab though and it could be I don’t really understand the point of designing player projects, but maybe my perspective can be at least another point to consider

Also, I don’t really feel like I know what I’m supposed to do in the player projects - the player puzzles and challenge puzzles especially are explained and introduced very well by comparison so that a newcomer can jump right in. Even so, I’m not suggesting or even expecting there’s a way to change this, but just want to add my thoughts about it here

Have a separate category for the messages from the bots. On a player “Me!”/news feed page.

I agree with Mat.

I would like to be able to sort away the bot messages in my mailbox. Players active with making puzzles for others and solving Player Projects gets drowned in bot messages. I just wish for an extra filter option called bot messages. :slight_smile: