I'm taken to the wrong design.

On page:http://eterna.cmu.edu/htmls/rnalab.ht…
I select the button labelled “Design” (http://eterna.cmu.edu/web/flash/node/…) in the box “Round 2 ends on 11/14/2010 …” but it takes me to “The Finger” that is over and I had competed.


That’s a great question.

Answer: We haven’t finished with the finger yet. We’re going to continue working on this design until we synthesize at least one correct solution. For now, since we have no experimental data yet, you can treat this round as a repeat of the first round – play with coming up with solutions with interesting properties and convince others that they should vote for them.

Keep checking the lab status updates, though. We’re going to get experimental results this week, and that should change what people are voting for.

Once we get one (or several) correct solutions to the finger, we’re going to move those solutions into the hall of fame, and move onto a more complex design.

OK, I understand now.
I’m thinking if the box was Labelled

Round 2 of The Finger ends on

instead of relying on the the user understanding significance the graphical header box.

Dear Apple: We very much agree that this is important, and it has been classified as an open bug. This means that it should hopefully be implemented by this Monday, assuming that not too many tasks are in front of it. In any event, it will be implemented, and we will notify you when it is so. Thank you for helping make EteRNA excellent!

The problem has been fixed. Let us know if you still have a trouble.

EteRNA team