I'm tired of filling in the boring bits

I’m tired of filling in the boring bits. I don’t want to start with all A’s. I’d quite like to be able to code up a little alg. for starting me off. Target pairs should all be Blue-Yellow, edges and single pairs should be Red-Green and all loops should be A’s.

That’d make this game a lot less of a hassle.


Hi sCunThorpe

We are planning to have player scripts in the game in few months. With the new features, you should be able to replace the boring part with your own algorithm!

We’ll update this post once we have more details about the new feature.

nice idea Jee

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I would like to be able to just fill the whole puzzle with blue&yellow pairs with one key stroke; then go back and flip them of change them. Also I see copy but I do not see paste; I am on a MAC.

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Hello. It seems that every puzzle I encounter requires me to first color everything with the A-U pair and work from there. The problem is that I have to manually do a perfect zig-zag to achieve the perfect result, and I was wondering if it would be possible to add an option to color a region in the puzzle (one straight line /two attached straps) with alternating yellow and blue (A-U), to reduce the time spent on that. Thanks!

Thanks for Merging it for me, i couldn’t find any posts like this i guess i missed these.  
So what does this mean? is player scripting already in the game?

There is now player scripting in the game.  From the menu, choose Puzzle/EteRNA Scripts.

However, the scripting isn’t integrated with the UI, so you can’t get what you are really wishing for, a single action, while on the puzzle page, that fills in the stems.

What you can do currently is to write the EteRNA script that does the calculation, i.e. taking a structure in dot-bracket notation and producing the base sequence string you want.  To use it would require several manual steps:

  1. From the puzzle page, beam to the puzzle maker and copy the secondary structure to the clipboard.
  2. Go to your script, paste in the structure, run the script and copy the base sequence.
  3. Go back to the puzzle page and paste in the sequence.
    If scripting is your thing, you might want to try this.  You would be making it available to not only yourself, but other players with a similar need.  Plus, you would have taken the first step towards building your own puzzle solving robot.

Have fun!


Thanks for the helpful reply! will check it out when i’ve got the time.