Improve homepage for promotion

Google Plus appends a pic when we public a URL. I believe FB does the same.
see… by way of example.
Compare that with… … not eye-catching.

I faked it in…
… but it would be far easier if the homepage was marked up so as to provide some eye-candy.


Hi bentrem

This has been added to our issue tracker with ticker number #87

You can check the issue at…

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Thanks for your idea!

EteRNA team

Git? Kewl.
But first things first: a) Jeehyung: hello! b) … really, Adrien’s work is about #SocialDymamics, yaa? If not, then what I’ll write next will seem inapproriate (if not down-right rude). If so, then … you see, nothing in your reply signals that you actually read my “idea”. “Thank” is cheap in the social stream of #AttentionEconomy. In the coinage of bling and sizzle, it’s … well … it’s nothing at all. (Yes, I do mean to imply that “social media” devalues normal intercourse. Literally and figuratively.)

When I looked at the email your reply triggered I very nearly deleted it.
0 social content. Yet.another tracker. Yet another ticket number. Yet more links. Yet another “thanks”.

This isn’t a Heisenberg situation; we pollute nothing by being social.
And if we’re “too busy” to be social? Then all this is for naught … the Republic is doomed, and you (not I, pls NB) are puppeteers.

Or … you’re rushed. And busy. And perhaps have not been often enough greeted appropriately.
Have a cup of tea c(_)~
I like darjeeling. Ask Adrien what his favorite is.

@bentrem | @ITGeek

p.s. if the email that was pushed into my Inbox had been more sociable, this reply would have been considerably shorter. RNA is not my concentration. The “game” we call society … and community … and solidarity … and collaboration … yes, that’s my concentration. Discourse, n’est-pas? :slight_smile:

NB: this issue was incorrectly linked in GitHub. Which is to say that it wasn’t entered into GitHub at all.… relates to something about FaceBook.