Improved dot plot‏ interface

I wound like the the dot and melt plot to be easier and faster to access. Instead of having to click it each time I want to see it, I want it to pop up when I hover over the miniaturized dot plot or the eye symbol with the mouse. Or give us a keyboard shortcut to access it.

This will propably be best if it is done with the miniature, as to not make the dotplot interfere when people are picking out other tools from the tool box.

This addition will greatly improve the game play while solving the new labs.

Yes, I agree. I think it would make it a lot easier to access would be nice and helpful for working on the labs.

what a fantastic idea Eli!

I agree that we need a better way to access the dot plot. I would actually prefer it if it could open in a separate browser tab/window, so I could be looking at it continuously as I worked. If it does get implemented as a popup window in response to a mouse-over, could it be made larger than the current plot? At the current size, I need to use a magnifier app (which also uses hover) in order to be sure on the exact NT pair a dot represents.

Hi Omei!

I really like you idea with making the dot plot bigger. I still hope for a mouse over but with a bigger dot plot, as it will be the fastest and not take shifting back and forth between different screens.

Here are a bunch of ideas about what can be done to make the lab designing and voting interface easier to use.

(Chatoutline earlier 31 Jan, 2013)

Jieux: would be great if they had a view button by the lab itself instead of having to go through all the pages to get there and back.
hotcreek: for what?
khajit: what do you mean
Jieux: to look at a lab you have to click it, then click view/copy then click dotplot to see that, and then back.
Jieux: I just want a little dotplot/meltgraph button next to each lab in the list.
starryjess: yeah, sometimes I wish it was faster too
hotcreek: oh yes

(Chat outline later 31 Jan, 2013)

Jeshyr: We really need a way to put dot plots and melt plots into the spreadsheet of entries
Eli Fisker: Jeshyr, do you mean a faster way to view them?
Jieux: oh… yea… maybe that is what you meant.
Jeshyr: I find it realy hard to keep them in my mind to compare - i want small graphics of them in the table!
Eli Fisker: Jenifer shot some labs
Eli Fisker: I have a link to it on my profile under lab data extra
Eli Fisker: you can also find it on hers
Eli Fisker: We also need to find a way to make the lab data easier to view
Eli Fisker: we have to click too many times to get to each lab and to each plot
Jeshyr: yes
Jieux: was k’vetching about that earlier.
Eli Fisker: Good Jieux
Jeshyr: Or to view two entries somehow side by side, or view the differences between two specific entries.
Eli Fisker: Yes, that would be helpful too
Jieux: I think just a view button and maybe link to dotplot by each design would be great for me
Jieux: from the main menu
Eli Fisker: I want to be able to scroll over all the lab submissions at once and then decide which to click in on
Eli Fisker: I can pretty often see which I want to take a closer look at
Jieux: rather than all those intermediary windows.
Jeshyr: Hmmm. Previous/next button in the entry viewer?
Eli Fisker: Jieux agree
Eli Fisker: And even better if we could get a keyboard shortcut
Eli Fisker: Brilliant Jeshyr
Jieux: I wish they would make “reset puzzle” something other than “r”
Eli Fisker: That will also make it a bit more gamelike
Eli Fisker: why?
Jeshyr: Does the stuff like melt point and % of each base really matter much? Most of te columns in the entry table are nothing i can use to judge between
Jieux: cause sometimes I choose a cg pair and i
Eli Fisker: Jeshyr, the melt point is most important for that first stretch to the left
Jieux: hit R by mistake.
Eli Fisker: ah, Jieux
Jieux: and then solve goes bye bye
Jieux: maybe a U or a C or a K.
Jieux: F is too close to the R.
Eli Fisker: If it is flat for 1 or two squares it tells you the rna will not go immediately unstable
Eli Fisker: ah, Jieux you should suggest in the forum
Jieux: did you know you can now submit unstable labs?
Jeshyr: Jieux: use Dvorak to feel the true pain :slight_smile:
Eli Fisker: By the way, can I quote both of you this conversation?
Jeshyr: Sure
Eli Fisker: Good
Eli Fisker: I intend bringing up this with viewing lab
Jieux: standard rules apply :slight_smile:
Eli Fisker: :slight_smile:
Jeshyr: Eli: I know about the melt plot, but isn’t there an actual number in the entry table? I didn’t know what to do with that. i may be remembering wrong though
Eli Fisker: I will also want to quote the night conversation
Jieux: Ok… brb…
Eli Fisker: Ah, jeshyr, I think Jennifer made a version with numbers on it
Jeshyr: Ahh
Eli Fisker: Ok, it wasn’t with numbers:
Eli Fisker:…
Eli Fisker: sorry
Jeshyr: I meant here:…
Jeshyr: one of the columns is “melting point”
Eli Fisker: ok
Eli Fisker: Explain more, i’m not sure I understand yet
Eli Fisker: ah, the entry table, you mean the puzzle entry
Eli Fisker: Agree, it would be nice having there
Eli Fisker: Actually I would love to see a picture of the design in big there too
Jeshyr: That might help too yeah
Eli Fisker: Then to decide if I wanted to take a further look at it.
Jeshyr: At the moment there’s nothing useful in the entire table pretty much, except the numbers of votes! Which is a very bad metric to vote by, but it’s the only one that means anything to me.
Jieux: oh.
Jeshyr: Oh, and the numbers of each pair I guess. But that’s only really good for pulling out hideous entries, not for telling between good and great
Eli Fisker: I used the lab table to pick out the ranges of those designs I wanted to vote on
Jieux: percentages of pairs are less meaningful now that the barcode hairpin pairs are included in the count/ratio
Eli Fisker: Agree Jieux
Eli Fisker: But we need as sort of faster way to view the lab designs. Actually it would be nice if we could vote when we have seen the design and decided we liked it
Jieux: I did the long stack puzzle by ratio and realized after I looked at each selection that one of them was a christmas tree of alternating codons of CG pairs with a barcode mostly AUs.
Jeshyr: eww!
Eli Fisker: lol
Eli Fisker: that simply had to happen. :slight_smile:
Eli Fisker: If we could do away with the puzzle entry page and be able to choose everything from within the puzzle easier. Or flip next through them as Jeshyr suggested, it will be a lot easier.
Jieux: I think that get voted “most likely to mispair” at the Mrs. Nucleotide Pageant.
Eli Fisker: lol

I would like the Dot Plot be available when making a switch.
I think we have proven we can make a switch puzzle but designing one that actually switches is another problem altogether. Right now the only synthesis link between the two configurations is the dot plot and although other players have stated you can get it elsewhere, why not here. Also I would like to be able to apply any feedback from switch labs to puzzle designs and feel a dot plot would be a quick tool to see the direction my design is going.

Hi Eli and all

I think we can start with the hotkey for opening / maximizing&minimizing dot plots.

You can track the issue at…

Hi, everyone,

Personally, I would like to see the dot and melt plots made easy to compare when voting.
Something like a scrolling list, this way:

Username… (pic of dot plot) … (pic of melt plot) … (click here to vote)

Username… (pic of dot plot) … (pic of melt plot) … (vote)

Username… (pic of dot plot) … (pic of melt plot) … (vote)

Then you could just scroll through them with an easy glance.

As it is, I find voting way too time consuming. “click here, scroll there, click and look, then back to click and look somewhere else, then … oh, which one was it I liked… click again, scroll again, click, click, click…”

I think it could be set up to be less time consuming, and people would be more likely to make the voting effort.

Also, I would love to have popup plots available when I’m designing my own puzzles so I can tweak it as needed.


Hi Jee! I realized there was made a fix for this. However it is only working in when I hover with the mouse in a real small area, like in the picture below.

Could it be made independent of the position of the mouse? Then it will be of much better use.

Yep—all of the above, again:)

Especially bigger dot plot while designing, and side by side for voting.