Improved scoring idea.

Why are player puzzles only valued at 100$? They are just as hard as many of the 4-800$ ones. If I spend 10-20 minutes on a puzzle, I want the max credit for my time.

I would like to propose a different ranking system for player puzzles only.
Instead of the fixed 100 points per puzzle solved the score would be dynamic
based upon the Log of 100 with the base being the # users solved. Below is
a chart of the point spread

Solvers /Log of 100 by # solvers/ Weight Adj Score

250 0.83 0.8 1 100
150 0.91 0.9 1 100
50 1.17 1.2 1.2 120
10 2 2 2 200
5 2.86 2.9 2.9 290
1 #DIV/0! 3 3 300

From the chart the scores would now range from 100 to 300 based upon
the # solvers.
Creating a puzzle would be a flat 125 points.
Benefits of new ranking:
few harder puzzles or many easy puzzles will result in same rank
short term benefit to solving puzzle but no long term benefit of waiting to solve a puzzle
Still have to solve a lot of puzzles to score high ranking
Drawback would be rank has to be recalculated over all puzzles every time a puzzle is solved.

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Hi dave2405, JR

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Hi, there…

Thanks for your log table idea, but I was hoping for even more. If I can solve a 1000-point challenge in 15 minutes, why would I spend 30+ minutes on a player puzzle worth only 100 points? I have been working alone since Thanksgiving with a current rank of 181, so I have solved almost all of the challenges and a few player puzzles. The switches are all I have left and they seem insoluble to me.