In the Lab does it check to see if your solution already exists?

One thing I’m a little confused about in the labs is what keeps people for just submitting the same thing some one else has already done?

I would imagine that the point is to find new solutions.

If everyone is following the basic strategy guide for the folding… won’t most people have the same basic solutions? When I did my first lab puzzle I was expecting something to check to see if the solution had already been submitted. Am I missing something?

It does check when you go to submit it for labs and will let you know if it has already been submitted. In early rounds this is rare since there are typically hundreds or even thousands of solutions that will pass the submission criteria. The reason for the labs is to find out which of those will actually work (in vitro) as desired!

For puzzles it does not care about uniqueness, which is important since occasionally a puzzle solution may be unique!

Hi Keo_74

jandersonlee is right. There can’t be same sequences in the same round. You can still submit a sequence from previous round, as long as it has not already been selected for synthesis.

Thanks for the reply.

I guess I just got lucky. I kind of assumed that if everyone is using the same solving techniques then most solutions based on those would be created early on.