Incomplete thumbnails of past labs

I was wanting to look at past lab data when I realized the thumbnails have been changed for the labs. While it is pretty, it is less than useful that only a partial of the structure is shown. It is not useful from a analysis perspective. I’m guessing this change has been made by a developer who is not a player and from the perspective that pretty is more useful than seeing the full structure.

When I want to analyse I usually know exactly what I look for. I look for labs with specific structures, or specific size hairpin loops. Seeing the full structure allows me to glean in glance if the lab is relevant to my analysis. As is I’ll have to open more labs to see if they fit my criteria, if I don’t remember the full shape. This will in practice means that it slows down usage of the past data. I’m not happy with this change.

Solving the thumbnail problem

I will suggest a zoom done, so each thumnail show the full structure of whatever lab the thumbnail covers. Plus keep the fine new black/white thumbnails.

In the above image, this thumbnail is perfect, but the rest is not:

complete lab thumbnail

After writing the post, I realized that some of the older labs have lost their thumbnail alltogether:

Pretty lab bottle is less than an improvement than a thumbnail showing the structure. I will rather have an ugly thumbnail showing the structure of the lab, than a lab bottle that tells me nothing about what the lab contains.

Hi Eli - actually, these thumbnails are “wrong” in a more fundamental way! They’re still using the old “line” style instead of the new “base” style seen elsewhere on the site. I thought we had regenerated all of them, but evidently not! I think my script that handled that missed lab puzzles :flushed: I’ll look into getting that fixed

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Thx for looking into this, LFP6! I can live with whatever color and base style of the thumbnails as long as I can see the full shape. Best of luck with the fixing.