Incorrect treatment of Oligo Molecule Bonus within Puzzlemaker

Test case to show the issue:

(1) Open Eterna - Invent Medicine.
(2) Paste in a specific sequence (already conveyed to Jonathan Romano on 9/8/2022) that yields total energy of -29.7 w/molecule bound bonus of -4.87 kcal and a delta between natural and target modes of 1.6 kcal.
(3) Beam to Puzzlemaker
(4) Insert 5 new pairs at 116-52 (using the “add a pair” tool)
(5) Fill in the new pairs with alternating AUs, as follows: (a) 122=A, 56=U, (b) 123=U, 55=A, (c) 124=A, 54=U, (d) 125=U, 53=A, (e) 126=A, 52=U
(6) The puzzle will now be solved. (Shape box goes all white and shows green check)
(7) The binding site has now been split.: it shows at 121-57 and at 126-52. The bonus is somehow “solving” the unsolved area 12-18 and 167-173 (or using original puzzle numbering 12-18 and 157-163). when I remove the bottom 4 AU pairs that we added 126-52 and above, the discontinuous area gets unsolved again…