Inherited missing gene

I have a challenge I guess. I am being treated for chronic pain and my family can’t absorb Acetaminophen which I need to treat my arthritis. Normally morphine does not work for me either. I have discovered that using Ratio-Oxycocet/Acetaminophen I get no benifit from the opiate but full effect of the Acetaminophen. With a damaged stomach from 26 years of HIV treatment, I need to find out a way to replace the missing enzyme before the government forces me to stop this medication. I also need something to relieve the pain the opiate does not touch or the enzyme to make it work. If medical information is needed to work out the challenge, let me know and we can work on it because I do need a solution.

Hi Stormy!

I understand your frustration and really wish I could help you. Most of us in here are not medically educated. We are just players working on figuring out the rules for RNA behaviour. We are doing it with the intention of handing better tools to scientists and doctors so they can find cures for more diseases in the future. Unfortunately that won’t help you now. Just know that we are working on this with the wish, that people like you won’t have to suffer so much.

It’s still a starting point. Having been positive this long, I have been learning as much about genetics and DNA and RNA as I can. HIV is a retrovirus which means it is RNA in attack mode. But now dealing with pain and its connections to this same issue, I will get into this fully. What is needed is the right strands to work with. My hope is/was that medical staff who play would know where to start. The surface of acetaminophen must be known to know the connecting enzyme to absorb it. Just a question of who and no-one here medically has shown any interest in helping to solve my situation.

Hi again Stormy!

I remembered hearing about a community of doctors collaborating on answering medical questions online for free. I googled them and found this page.

Ask the doctor

You should try them out, if you haven’t already. You just might get more luck there.

Best wishes

I had a busy, exhausting couple of weeks here. Thanks for the link, I did send them the question tonight and we will see what we will see.

I’m happy to hear that you have asked them. I really hope you get lucky. Take care.