Interface improvements on Pairing Probabilities Plot

Wouldn’t it be great when you could see the Plot when you changed a pair without having to open an extra window but to have it as a small overlay in the main screen.

And I think it could help a lot if you can also see a comparison of the plots before and after an change - maybe even before you actually make the change and just hover over the base you want to change. Either side by side or put on top of each other with the differences marked in different colors.

Finally it would also be useful if you can exactly see which pairs might pair up with which when you hover over each single dot, I find it rather hard to see that from the grid alone.

PS: only joined yesterday and from all the crowd science projects I have participated so far in this here is the most fun -beating a few puzzles Vienna couldn’t solve after just a day feels rather rewarding :wink:


There is a “minimize window” button in the plot tool which will put the plot in the corner so you can observe the dotplot as you change.

Let us know if the tool doesn’t work!

Didn’t know that - thanks Jee

I had never clicked that before either. However it’s pretty small and hard to read and make out what “just” changed. Is there a way to enlarge it to - say - double size?

Edit: also the melt graph is fine as is.

I will say that it’s a little hard to make out the finer points of the dot plot when it’s minimized. I’d like to suggest that maybe it could be color coded instead of shades of gray? For example: Strongest probabilities are assigned the color black, less strong are blue, moderate are green, low are yellow, least are red, improbable/impossible remain white. That would make changes a little easier to detect when dealing with the finer shades of gray in the minimized screen.

The minimized version should be rescalable and everything would be fine. Right now if you’re working on one point close to a black one you can’t see if it changes.
Also if you mouseover a point in the plot it would be really nice to get the numbers of the pair.