Is failure acceptable?

At the rate we are going the lab’s 94000 submissions isn’t going to be met in the time frame allocated. The solution is for active players to start sucking it up and start posting solutions. I say ban chat and puzzle posts until we are back on course to reach that goal.

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Another possibility: someone at Stanford could create a bunch of public accounts with lab access; suggest some promising-looking solutions to investigate; and let people go crazy with the mutator script.

I think we can do that now without Stanford involved. They are willing to analyze our results, all we have to do is produce the results. You have 50,000 posts to pick from.

I was thinking it would allow players who have yet to qualify for lab access to participate.

You have highlighted a major problem with the labs. Getting lab access might take a week but to 
feel comfortable creating this type of lab might take several months. My take is that science is 90% drudgery and 10% fun so it’s going to be difficult to bring new players into the lab area to do that 90% part.   

I think I disagree on that one. At the early days of Crispr and back during OpenTB what kept me out of lab was the feeling that it looked super hard to get into and the thought that you needed a lot of time to do something meaningful, and both are wrong.

That’s good to hear. So far we have had 134 players submit solutions but they seem to peter out. 134X4500 = 600,000 potential solutions. We have only 54,000. So what gives?