Is there any sources? SDK? bug tracker?

I am interesting to create some helpers or as you named it "bot"s to compensate lack of native GUI instruments and speedup solving and designing. (something like tools and “Recipes” in FoldIt )

does anyone from EteRNA team read this forum??

Hi silencer - sorry about the late reply.

We don’t have open source code or SDK yet, but we do have a bug tracker.…

If you report a but or leave suggestion about the game in this forum, it gets added to the bug tracker so we can discuss/implement them in the dev meeting!

EteRNA team

Yeah. To elaborate further: it is certainly true that tools could speed up solutions in the challenge puzzles. In fact, for a great number of challenge puzzles, automated algorithms could simply solve the entire puzzle! So we’re trying to draw a balance between redundant work in the challenge puzzles and sufficient nucleotide-level practice for the lab.

The very rough equivalent to Foldit recipes are Lab Strategies – although the serve a different scientific purpose.