lab candidates - sorting order

lab candidates - default order should be most votes at top. Among other reasons, this would keep the screen from being covered with designs from one player who submits 20 (… you know who … the former #1 player, or at least the one who moved up the fastest). I realize that one can sort in any order.

I’m not sure if we want to do this… after all, we don’t want to bias players only in favor of those designs which are already very popular. Do you have and ideas how we could be doing this better?

Maybe each player should only be able to submit one design - their best choice.
Alternatively, each player could vote for his or her own, ensuring that if they have one it starts with 8 points and if they want to submit 2 they have to split them somehow. So any player could have one with at least 8 points.
If someone submits, say, 20 - who is going to bother looking at each one. Let the designer select the best.

That’s a very good point. A midpoint will be to allow each player to submit up to 5 designs.

We are also thinking maybe we should allow people to cast only 1 vote per design. This will certainly get votes more distributed.

I agree that this is a great point. In fact, it’s now feature #105 in the bug tracker. We’ll get back to you on it soon.

so if one can have 5 designs and, let’s say vote for each one once, one would have to distribute 3 votes to others. Problem is that too many designs would have equal votes, I fear.
The other problem is all of those players who have more than one user name (tsk tsk)

They also could be ordered by Free Energy by default.

Matt: In our experiments, free energy is not necessarily the best predictor of empirical success. I’d be worried about biasing the players in favor of some metric, when a major point of EteRNA is to try to determine what that metric might be (it might not even be any of the columns).

Agree that we shouldn’t guess until we know

Yes, I understand.

Mummiebrain: We have been having a discussion on the right rules for lab voting in this thread. Please feel free to add your opinions there or comment on some of the other suggestions. Thank you for your input.

Dear Mummiebrain: Players are now only allowed to submit three designs. Hopefully, you will find this better. Thank you for your input, and please continue to send input as we get ready for our mid-January launch!