Labs report.

Hi eteRNA players! I had some questions about TB-r2 and the remaining ones and this is the response I received:  Some of those labs aren’t up yet due to a number of glitches we’re seeing on the back-end. its frustrating, but we’re trying to fix it.   Also on a more positive note! :We have some very cool labs coming up for later this year… stay tuned.
I’d like to say good luck team and I know your working hard in the lab to get the scores. Thanks


It would be great to have an update on this from the project team.

An update was just posted by Das Lab about the general status of experiment testing in the newsfeed:

@Astromon All the data for TB-r2 is available (and has been for many months) at .  What you are probably referring to is that a few of the the result columns haven’t made their way to the in-game browsers.  In particular the Eterna scores haven’t made it to the Flash browser, and some of the more esoteric data hasn’t made it into the new HTML browser. This is true of Round 3 as well. 

On behalf of the devs, I apologize for these.  But there continues to be more for the current devs to do than they have time available, so you may need to continue to refer to Johan’s spreadsheet (or a fusion table Eli made from it) for awhile.

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oH okay Omei thanks.