Laptop Overheating

Anyone else have a problem with their laptop overheating while working on puzzles? It gets continually hotter for ten minutes then the interface freezes. I close out of the browser or switch to another tab to let the laptop cool down. (This is not a new issue, it happened with my older MacBook too.)

I have the same problem with my MacBook Air. I think that the laptop just can’t handle the information.

I’ve been fighting this for a while, although I’m not actually running puzzles. I’ve been analyzing the puzzles and that means running my laptop with all 8 LPUs at 100% for some time. The CPU speed gradually slows down over time. I got a cooling pad and that seems to help some.

I just remembered: For a computer without a separate graphics chip, reducing the size of your browser window, can make a significant difference (in a good way).