Let get this ported to android so I can make RNA on the go!

I think this would be well suited to an android app as android is already able to run flash. Just get rid of the chat window and make the app downloadable.

That’s definitely a good idea angusthefuzz.

We do have a plan of releasing a independent version of the game so they could be played in other flash game websites and of course, androids.

We do have our queue full of tasks trying to stabilize the game (as it’s in very early stage). Once we are done with that, we’ll work on this plan : )

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Is anyone playing EteRNA successfully on an Android phone? I was thinking of caving in and getting a smartphone, and wanted to make sure I could design RNAs on it. Any advice would be appreciated!

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What’s the best Android phone for EteRNA?.

…and iPhone as well. This would be a perfect platform for something like this.

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i would pay to use this on my droid!!!.

I can confirm that Eterna loads correctly on a the original droid (verizon) with the latest flash installed. It’s slow, and you do need to turn on the low performance mode, but using keyboard shortcuts and the touchscreen in tandem actually works surprisingly well. . . I went through the tutorials no problem. I suspect it will be unwieldy for larger RNA’s on such a small screen, though.

This will likely be fantastic on the new, dual-core android tablets that are coming out - without any modifications needed . . . and it’s really satisfying to use a touchscreen to place nucleotides.

It might also be more usable on the newer droids with faster processors and bigger screens, anyone with a droid X or droid 2 care to give this a whirl and report back?

Is there any work currently on an Android port? This is an old post but the topic seems quite relevant since an app of this nature (clicking) particularly lends itself to mobile. I tried running it on my droid and while it loads, the functionality is too frustrating to make it playable.

It might seem like an afterthought and that the real base of players you want would have would be more devoted but a mobile port could help spread the word for this project quite a bit further than a “desktop-only” app.

I wonder if this eterna could be run on an android tablet as is.

I would love to be able to run it on my tablet!