List of Gamification Ideas -- Google Doc

Hey guys, I’ve been writing some crap on stuff that I think might be a good way to “gamify” Eterna. The whole deal may or may not be slightly ambitious, but I think it might be kinda cool if at least some of the stuff I write about was implemented in one form or another.
Also, some of the stuff that I eventually write about may or may not have already been discussed in some form or another. However, I fear that this doc only contains my opinions and how I imagine things may be implemented. Please don’t kill me if you would rather see things implemented in a different way - these are only my personal ideas!

Since this stuff is a little lengthy, I linked it as a Google Doc. Feel free to just skip straight to the “summary” part to see what I have to say so far! Note that I will also be editting and adding more stuff later, but I believe the Table of Contents contains just about everything that I’m thinking about writing so far.

Without further ado, here it is. I hope you guys enjoy :wink:

Feel free to comment down about below anything you agree/disagree with, or what you would like to see added, taken away, changed, or whatever. Remember: these are really all just a bunch of random (and likely crappy) ideas that a random teenager on this globe decided to put out there!


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Alright, I’m done for now.

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Super job documenting your ideas on ways to improve gamification! Many of the points you raise are those that I have also tried to articulate (although less elegantly than yourself.) I like really like the concept of different tracts/modes of play as well as expanding what happens once lab access is obtained. Although lab participation should always remain a central goal, having other goal oriented things to do is also important and enriches the experience. (Solo vs. group play, speed/survival vs. un-timed perseverance play, play against former lab data, etc.)
Unfortunately, gamification can also be easily ruined for any community if players find ways to utilize exploits/cheats to obtain rewards or achievements instead of conventional gameplay available to all.

Heh, thanks for reading my stuff :wink:
I’m a little surprised you considered my messy writing “elegant”, as I could probably add some more stuff to it to make it more clear (I suck at writing and am quite lazy). However, I did add some stuff just now at the end of the doc that perhaps explains a little more clearly where I was trying to go with the stuff after the lab.
I feel like there’s a lot more I could potentially add, and am open to any suggestions. There may be some things I wrote that ppl might disagree with, which I hope ppl will discuss here :stuck_out_tongue:
I will continue to attempt to update this according to what ppl suggest, but likely wont cuz im a lil lazy hehehe

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In the future, hopefully I’ll write more about what I think should go in a good tutorial and also about how I envision difficulty classes for puzzles might look like. Depending on how much I tryhard, I might cite some additional outside sources to back up my stuff. I will likely start writing in October, but hopefully I should get it done by the end of winter break at the latest, if I end up committing to it at all.