locked base keys as a tool in puzzle solving

Consider adding the tool “locked bases” as a tool in puzzle solving (same as in puzzle creation.
This may, of course, then be used to unlock strictly locked bases, so there could be a second option where the bases locked by puzzle creators must never be adjustable, and this will require some coding.

Reason: In switch puzzles, some bases are obvious in what they must be in either of the 2/three/… states, and locking these in would simplify the puzzling.


Hi Salish!

I love this feature you suggest here. I see it too as extremely useful in particular for the switch puzzles.

Or to take it a step further and borrow from suggestions that have been made previously, toss in a feature that lets us execute a script within the puzzlesolving UI. I would love to be able to click a “do what hoglahoo always does for the first minute” button especially for switches

Hogla, that would be very awesome too. Likely easier for single states compared to switches. But I’m resurfacing the brilliant idea of Stlne for switches:


Jandersonlee also made a fine one:


That would be, indeed, extremely desirable.

hogla, very nice further improvement and refinement.
This one ties in here, a bit:
it’s essentially a random filling, though it could be edited to be following a customized UI script by each user.