Low Noise Graphics


Not low performance, low noise - graphically simpler.

I find the plain coloured “balls” much less distracting but to get those I have to zoom out which makes the diagram small. I don’t really want it small, I just want it uncluttered. When I zoom in to get a big diagram and to get clear visibility of the numbers instead of plain, flat coloured balls I get icons with pointy arrows that wobble around. It’s quite distracting.

Even in low performance mode when zoomed in the balls are still icons where, for me at least, simple flat coloured balls would be significantly less distracting. Low performance mode at least turns off the background bubbles. The bond strength also disappears in this mode which is a great shame. Simple bold lines to indicate strength would be good.

I guess I just find it easier to see patterns without extraneous noise. For me at least it’s easier to learn how to shape the diagrams without noise - it pins better for me.

I would happily sketch out a simple system for this as well. I think the flashes whenever you match up a pair is very distracting, along with graphically intensive, making it difficult to quickly check the viability of different pairing setups. Round, flatly colored balls with black lettering over them, along with black bond strength indicators (bold lines), over a white background. Something like that would be GREAT for the graphically simple setting.

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