Mac retina laptop overheating

To whom it may concern:

My macbook pro retina 2013 laptop safari overheats when using eterna. It has done this before, on a different OS ( currently sierra ), and I think it was Nando who originally found a fix where the fps was hard coded to 60 or something, causing the meltdown of his own hardware, and theoretically addressing this fixed it.

However, the issue is back or never left, as I have hit 76 C in the first couple minutes of coloring nts and spacebarring between switch states. On a starter hairpin, it drops to 71 C despite continuing same painting / spacebar behavior, so seems related to issue of handling more content ( e.g. calculations between nts or simply the rendering of more objects? ).

For reference, starting temp was 45 - 49 C, and it went up to 60 within first 20 seconds of puzzle load.

This makes the game unusable for more than a few minutes, though not as bad as the previous 80-90 C temps. I believe on a couple occasions I had to quit it out at 98 C before, to prevent the meltdown Nando experienced, if I am remembering that correctly? Nando can clarify.

As with the other issue I reported today, if I can find another system that does not overheat, then perhaps I could play, but FYI this was the primary barrier of entry for me doing labs, and is the primary contributor to why I stopped entering labs or solving puzzles, because I simply can’t fry my computer.

=> Please look into fps and object handling. I don’t know enough to be of more help, but I wish you good luck.

 ~ elves


p.s. anyone who has same issue here is a form to submit in your comment, I filled out with my own results, but for mac you have to install 3rd party software to see your temps, so you can just say ‘hot’ or ‘fans kicked in’ if you don’t have temp:

  • to evoke the temp change, actively and constantly color nts different colors, and spacebar between states

computer model: macbook pro retina 2013 laptop
browser: safari
starting temp: 45 - 49C ( lukewarm )
temp after 20 seconds: 60 C ( warm )
temp after 2 minutes: 76 C ( hot )
temp after 15 minutes: have not tried yet
temp after 30 minutes:  have not tried yet
temp after 1 hour:  have not tried yet
highest temp in last month: 76 C ( did not try puzzle longer than 2 minutes )


wow that is HOT
my macbook air gets hot after 5 minutes