"Made by player" admin setting being ignored on https://eternagame.org/puzzles

Puzzles without Made by Player checked on the Drupal page shouldn’t be attributed to a specific person.

admin? what admin settings

You can only see them if you are an admin.

Ah! what does it look like if you’re admin?

It’s not pretty – a vertical list of input fields,. Most are text fill-ins, even if there are only two acceptable choices.

… and there is virtually no input validation. :rofl:

That’s an issue I’ve fixed and made a pull request for. Should be merged soon

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ahalb is an ADMIN!?!?!?!? woahhhHhh

I didn’t fix the admin view, just fixed the player/avatar showing up when an admin has marked the puzzle as not made by a player

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Here’s another case where a puzzle shouldn’t be credited if the “Made by player” field isn’t set.

Weird, that was supposed to have been resolved - I’ll have to dig into what the issue is

Note that this is a different page, not covered in my original report.

Yeah I’m aware - Alex removed it on both, and I thought I verified that

I think I see what’s going on. On the legacy site, a blank was interpreted as false (not made by player); with the new, it’s interpret as true.

Ah - that can be easily remedied.