Make the game even more fun!

I’d like to share my opinion with you.
I am playing this game since a month:
my rank is this:
luigiusai Global rank 877
76495 30 Apr 2014
I am starting to get bored of this game, because nothing else happens at this stage (in my “not” humble opinion[I hope not to offend anyone]):

I try to explain better my ideas:

let’s suppose for a while that other players could feel just like me at this point of the game.
I am wondering if the Admins could add something fun at this point of the game, I don’t know? Maybe the possibility to learn from RNA Videos something more about RNA, but in the same “gamification” way. Why do I say so?
Maybe I am really wrong, but:
on my eterna certificate:
you can read this:
157875 registered participants
BUT on the chat:
players online (50)
Fifty players???
Does this ring a bell?
I don’t know, IMHO many people starts happily this game, but, at a certain stage they tend to get bored.
If my opinion has some basis of truth, we could add something that encourages people to keep on playing here.
I hope my opinion doesnt’ hurt anyone (and sorry for my bad english… :confused: )
I’ll be happy to see:
Chat players online (157875)

I hope that I have made my ideas clear to you all friends.
I’m really sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:
I’d be happy to know what do you think about it :slight_smile:


Cerco di spiegare meglio cosa intendo.
Molti giocatori si iscrivono al gioco per amore della scienza, e non per passare la vita soltanto a risolvere puzzles.
Quindi il mio suggerimento è di aumentare le parti scientifiche del gioco, aggiungendo alla User Interface del sito, cioè alle pagine web principali, maggiori modi di imparare altre cose scientifiche senza dover andarle a cercare con google.
Ad esempio, aggiungendo spiegazioni su come installare software per l’analisi dell’RNA, che permettano di migliorare le proprie competenze, quasi come se dovessimo davvero diventare dei tecnici di laboratorio genetico.

I try to explain better what I mean.
Many players sign up to play this game for the love of science, and not only to spend their life to solve puzzles.
So my suggestion is to increase the scientific parts of the game, adding to the User Interface of the site, ie the main web pages, more scientific ways to learn other scientific things without having to look for them with google.
For example, adding an explanation on how to install the software for the analysis of RNA, making it possible to improve their skills, almost as if we were to really become genetic laboratory technicians.

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What was this when I opened the link you said than it was redirecting me to the URL where there was nothing just a white screen instead.