Making lab results easier to find

Hyphema: i also noticed that results came out but i am having a hard time sorting out labs in the archive. it use to have them grouped by rounds but it does not seem that way any longer
Eli Fisker: Hyphema, I very much agree with you
Eli Fisker: It would be much better if they are grouped in batches
Nando: never saw labs grouped by rounds, I mean, after the second or third round
Nando: always been a mess, at least to me
Eli Fisker: I think there were a period where it made more sense
Eli Fisker: Another thing that would help a lot
Eli Fisker: is an idea that Mat has been proposing
Eli Fisker: The classic labs have been grouped like that:
Eli Fisker:

Eli Fisker: Much easier browsing through a few pages with shapes, than many pages with fewer labs on them
Eli Fisker: Would be a help for the archive
Hyphema: that would nice to see. [2:53 PM]
bill zhu: i am wondering which language does the eterna scropts use?java? [2:53 PM]
jnicol: I like that too Eli [2:54 PM]
Hyphema: while we are throwing out ideas. would also be nice to categorize our profile page of synthesized labs other than by score [2:54 PM]


Thanks for posting Eli!