Map from 2D view to protein codons

Is there some was to map between the amino acid (protein) sequence, the RNA sequence, and the 2D view, and back? I’d like to be able to locate a region in the 2D view, then determine/modify the codons in the region so that I can click through various codons options. Likewise in a stack, it would be helpful to alter the opposite codons. This might be accomplished by adding a booster or an editing mode that when you click on a sequence base it rotates through all codon options for the codon that contains that base. For example, the third amino acid is Valine (V) using bases 7-9. I’d like a mode where if you click on any of those three bases (7, 8, or 9) it will cycle the codon bases to the next option in GUG, GUC, GUU, and GUA, just as it does now it if you click on the V in the protein sequence. It would also be great if it highlighted the three bases that form the codon and the amino acid in the protein sequence just as it does now if you hover over the amino acid in the protein sequence and click.