[Market Strategy] Aptamer gates are too long

EternaBot is often making its aptamer gates too long at the end of the aptamer that needs to get moving. I think I can now make a better strategy that covers both Exclusion and Same state labs.

Turnoff labs

For normal easy labs where it is possible to knot the RNA end tails.

Aptamer gates should be something like 3-4 base pairs long max. Anything much longer begins to get problematic and should penalized. At least in lab puzzles where it is possible to knot the tail ends of the RNA. If it is impossible knotting the tails, then the Aptamer gates tend to go longer and need to be.

  • Reward aptamer gates of 3-4 bases, penalize for anything above.

Open ended labs

Aptamer gates should be longer in open ended switches (like Exclusion 1 and 4)

  • Reward aptamer gates 5-7 base pairs long

Turnon labs

Allow slightly longer aptamer gates. 3-5 bases are allowed

  • Reward aptamer gates of 3 bases length and start decrease reward until 5 bases and penalize after that.

  • Reward presence of a GU pair in the aptamer gate.

Background article: EternaBot report

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