[Market strategy] Drake's yellow nucleotide strategy

Drake beat my player puzzle tripple tri-loops and solved it with 10 GU-pairs in it. He sent me a picture as I had wished for pictures with a better solution than mine. While he explained his thought behind solving it, a sentence he said, sounded perfectly as a strategy.

”That’s at least one yellow in each stack”

I have earlier made strategies for how many yellow nucleotides max. were allowed to be in line after each other on a strand in a string, but no strategy that defines where they must be in relation to each other. And placement in relation to the surroundings matters. This is a middle string strategy.

I would like a strategy that says: at least one yellow nucleotide in each quad(stack), except for the quad at the end of a string.

That in itself gives that strings the length of 3 can have two quads without A’s as both quad’s in them self will be end quads. The neckarea will be excluded from this strategy, as this area like more repetitative pattern and a working neck solely made of GC-pairs have been seen.

For strings the length of 4 nt’s:

Give -1 pr quad not containing 1 A.

For strings the length of 5 nt’s

Give 1- pr. middle quad (two) not containing 1 yellow nt (don’t penalise if the two quads only have 1 shared A )

For strings 6 nt’s and longer, the picture gets more muddy, so I will stop here. Thanks to Drake for letting me make his idea into strategy.