[Market strategy] GU's in long stems

Give +1 if a stem at the length of 8+ contains a GU-basepair at least 2 basepairs away from the closing basepairs.

For every additional +7 basepairs a stem is long give +1 if there is another GU basepair.

Background: https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagam…

If you will remember I have posted a graph/chart from a paper somewhere that shows GU’s approximately every 4th base pair helps natural RNA, so this makes great sense to me.

Hi Chris! I didn’t remember but thx for reminding me! Nice knowing that I’m in agreement with scientists too. I also think that GU’s will be accepted in a much higher rate than I say in my strategy, as I see this ín some designs. But I started out safely on a tendency on where I think they will be most urgently needed. I also see the same tendency for usefulness of non canonical basepairs just like the GU’s, in Rfam and for Brourd’s ingame experiments too.