[Market strategy] Rulesensitivity according to length of string

I have been claiming this for a long time. Now I want to test it in strategy. Instead of combining it with my older strategies and potentially ruining them, I will make a new, to see if I can get proof in number for this hypothesis. (I’m quite certain about what I have been seing, but our bot should be able to differenciate between short and long strings too.) There is already strategies penalizing lines of three or more repetitative colors of nucleotides, so here I will only go after two samecolored nucleotides in line.

For strings under 6 nucleotides of length:
Give -1 for each two red nucleotides in line on a string
Give -1 for each two blue nucleotides in line on a string
Give -1 for each two green nucleotides in line on a string

For strings 6 nucleotides or longer
Only give half penalty for repetitative patter where two nucleotides of same color is in line.

Suspend this strategy for the neckarea as repetitative pattern is often preffered to a less repetitative one.

For theory behind this see this post

Dear Eli,

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Thanks for sharing your idea!

EteRNA team