[Market strategy] The watch theory

I would like a strategy for placement of GU-pairs that say:

Give +1 if all the first GU-pairs, have the blue nucleotide to the left side

Give +1 if the last GU-pair, the red nucleotide turn to the left side.
Give +1 if there is only one GU-pair and blue nucleotide is to the left.

Give +1 if the there is only one GU-pair and the blue nucleotide sits to the right (the first blue is also the last blue)

For theory see my post on GU-challenges and The watch theory.

I assume you mean clockwise around a loop (as viewed from the front) for right, and anticlockwise for left.

And these ‘first gu pairs’ are first in a stack heading outward from the multiloop ?
and the ‘last gu pairs’ are those at the far end of the same stack ?

I meant counter clock wise viewed from the multiloop, and starting in the neck.