[Market Strategy] To MS2 gate or not - Exclusion Labs

Make MS2 gate or not

Strategy for easy normal lab. On which FMN to target with the MS2 turnoff sequence or the MS2.

  • Give +4 if the FMN sequence targeted is the one furthest away from the MS2/aptamer turnoff sequence (4-6 bases at the side of the MS2 that is not next to the FMN sequence.)
  • Give + 2 if the FMN target is FMN1
  • Give 1⁄2 points if the FMN targeted is the one closest in sequence to the MS2.

Basically unless FMN1 is already the target, reward for not making MS2 gates.

Simple general strategy - MS2 turnoff position

Give +2 if the MS2 turnoff sequence is to the right after the MS2 sequence

Give +1 if the MS2 turnoff sequence is to the left, before the MS2 sequence.

Examples on aiming for one FMN bit or the other

Aiming for furthest away FMN sequence with the turnoff sequence + doing away with the MS2 gate in the same go.

Score 100%, cluster count 29, fold change 27.27


Aiming for closest FMN in sequence with the turnoff sequence + creating a MS2 gate.

Score 100%, cluster count 67, fold change 28.97


Background article: EternaBot report