Mat’s lab design strategy

I shared my designing strategy with Jee on August 2011. I wanted to show how my analysis tool idea Computationally selected element could also be used together with a robot strategy, for designing of lab designs.

It was my attempt to convert my intuition for lab designing into a system, based on how I thought I did my designing process. My system is made for single shape lab and based on lab results and shape data. It is build on a number of part strategies that are weighted for importance.

With this, a lab design could be made (with an updated and refined system) as a design by the system or as a starting point for a player.

I intend to make an update of my strategy in near future, as parts of the strategy is not written down yet and some might be slightly changing.

Thanks to Eli for his help with the abstract.

Lab Design Strategy

Great work Mat, the thing that struck me was that the tetraloops prefer to not be boosted, it is better to leave them with all A (Adenines).

Thanks for the guide. I’ll keep as a reference in my tool kit. Good work.