MAX G-U and MIN G-C Leaderbrourds

Once upon a time, there were competitions in the challenge puzzles where players would try to achieve the max number of GU pairs for a given secondary structure.

For those players who would like to see another layer of ranking in the game, I propose that we apply this same concept for minimizing the number of GC and maximizing the number of GU, to all player puzzles made so far.

To take maximum G-U as an example. A player opens up a random puzzle. At the top, would be the in puzzle ranking for number of G-U. For every puzzle where a player has the most G-U, or is tied for the most, he would gain one point in the new max G-U leaderbrourd. The ranking for this would be quite dynamic, allowing even new players the chance to become rank 1 in something if they wanted to!

The same concept would be applied to minimum G-C as well.

Potential topics of discussion include: Do the constraints for solving the puzzle matter as well, or, do we want it to be based solely on the secondary structure?


Good idea. Decent replacement for unlocking min GU in the puzzles.

I like it. Would love to see a ‘fewest GC achieved on this puzzle so far’ etc


I’d like to see four categories: Min Energy, Min GC, Max GU and Max AU.

Thank you for all your support! Additionally, perhaps we can ask for a puzzles solved and puzzles created Leaderbrourd as well.

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