Minor nit about the nucleotide selection tool bar

It seems that the area for the nucleotide is larger on the right side and overlaps the bond area. So, if I click on the bond between G and C, I have to click more to the left edge of C and directly clicking on the middle of the bond selects G rather than the pair.

This should be a simple fix in the size of the clickable areas or by spacing them out a bit more.

I agree in principle but they take up a good bit of screen space as it is

Additionally, there are already hotkeys for basepair selection (mouseover reveals them)

It’s not about changing the screen space, it’s that the area of the nucleotide streches over the bond are. It appears that the nucleotide “buttons” are more rectangular and decreasing their width by anywhere from 5 to 10 pixels should help.

The hotkeys are great, but there is a bit of focus weirdness, depending on what was last clicked.