Mission Switch Badges

When watching the road map I think we should really have “Become a Switch Puzzle Master” badges.

I wish that we players get much more celebration for getting good at switch puzzles. I think this is far more important for science than solving tons of single state puzzles. Most of the single state puzzle experience are mainly useful for cutting corners in the energy model and as such has not much relevance to lab, as it is much more limited what nature will actually allow. However the switch puzzle skills translate more directly into ability to solving switches for lab.

It takes a lot of puzzle solving experience to be able to solve a switch lab puzzle in a way that you also think will do great for lab. It is not just enough solving, but it takes a lot of moving bases around afterwards to get to a potential good solve. Solving switch puzzles are good training for that.

What we really need to do awesome at switch lab challenges and future XOR labs, are avid switch puzzle skills.

I propose a series of switch solving badges. They should start at much lower numbers to encourage newer players to get started and get successes. Like 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and so on, and I would like them to go very far up.

Other ideas

  • Preferable also give us more points for solving switches puzzles compared to single state puzzles.
  • Perhaps make even a switch puzzle leader board.

Let the Switch Puzzle Mania begin :slight_smile:


Good point. You’ll see greater rewards for switches over the next months with the new gameflow form the fun team – stay tuned.


Thx :slight_smile:

I was looking at John’s great Eterna Player spreadsheets, that track how many of certain kind of puzzles we solve.

There are plenty of 2 state switches now. But we also seriously need some good skills in the 3 state department also since labs are dealing with 4 states puzzles.

I was thinking that it would be awesome if there was a column for 3 state puzzles (I know there are series already) in John’s spreadsheet, specifically counting 3 state puzzles solved.

Even better, it would be really helpful, if badges were handed out for 3 state puzzles.

I can see the road map got updated, so having a lab synthesized and a lab winner gives a badge. This is great.

However I think we really need to be handing out more badges particularly for switches. And having 2 and 3 state switches as separate categories would gamify things more.

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