My meeting Rhiju's Lab

Hi guys, well as some of you guys know on 11/9/12 I went to Rhiju’s lab and talk to him, Tom and Pablo about the game. As we talked I gave ideas for the new EteRNA, some to help the game and some for customizing.
Some of the things that we talked about included:
Being able to close chat
Name color
Being able to see when someone last logged in
Creating switches for players
Being able to look at both states of a switch at the same time
Being able to get multiple labs synthesized
And more that I can not remember at this time

I remember some more things they were:
A counter that tell you how many solutions have been used to solve a puzzle
More achievements

There will be an in-game Developers Chat this Wednesday starting at 6pm EST/ 3PM PST. Come with questions/suggestions/comments/compliments.