My puzzle maker isn't working, and I don't know why... All I get is the blue screen and the chat box. I can't use it at all. Help please?

As the title says, one day I went to make a puzzle, but I only got a blue screen and the chat box. It’s been like this for about two weeks, and nothing’s changed. Please help!

FWIW, if I’m having a problem Eterna that everyone else isn’t experiencing (which is not uncommon), I first try closing down and restarting my browser. If that doesn’t work, I’ll reboot my machine. One of those has almost always cleared it up for me.

Hi Akamu!

It sounds like you got a variant of this bug:…

If restarting and rebooting isn’t helping (isn’t for me in this case, though this as Omei says, will solve most of the temporary bugs) then my best advice is to change browser. If chrome is not working, shift to firefox and vice versa.

Thanks Eli, that bug seems like what I got, so I’ll try to switch browsers and see if that works.

Hello Akamu, sorry for your inconvenience. Why don’t you flush your flash cookie and restart game again? I guess the cache data of your formal puzzle maker is the reason why you get the blue screen.

You can clear your cache by clicking the links below and follow the instruction the page said.(It is not that hard but just click delete button )…

I hope this will help you and fix your problem. If the problem still doesn’t be resolved, please tell me again. Thank you very much.

Okay I changed my internet browser, and I can now get to the puzzlemaker. Thanks so much f
or all of the help with my problem.