Need a delta calc area to show if last move (a) improved design stability and (b) brought design closer to equal energy

I believe all players would benefit from a very modest enhancement to the Total Energy area that helps folks with the simple arithmetic that tells if their design is getting more stable or getting close to equal energy (between native and target mode) & hence close to be solved…


I like the idea. When I am solving puzzle or even in lab I am calculating the delta energy from the two states. Whether it’s a single state puzzle (natural v target) or even in lab when switching between two states ( like the current lab). These are two different things but I like the idea nevertheless

I can vaguely see how this could be useful while solving a certain class of player puzzles. Our challenges would most likely never require this tool.

While designing for labs though, I cannot really see any added value in this information set. The lab puzzles never require to overcome a positive free energy, and I would rather not see an automatic ‘better’ mention for all negative improvements in free energy. Too much stability is no better than too little, and it seems to me that this would actually invite players to derail in the direction of Xmas trees…

Unless someone can convince me of its potential usefulness in labs, I can only put this on my todo list with a rather low priority at the moment. The good news is that I will be able to take it into account while building the code infrastructure for other goals and features in preparation. It may be a while though…

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So I’m working on a switch puzzle, right? They’re hard, yeah. but it’s pretty cool how I got one state to fold, and the second state… to fold into the first state. Difference between states is only a few kcal. The thing I would find VERY helpful is to simply see the difference in energy between the target and natural states. This way, when I make a change, I can immediately see if it’s getting me closer to making the target the optimal one, or if I’m just giving the sub-optimal more strength. Would work nicely in single-state too. :wink:

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