Need more guidance for Supercomputer 14/15

Supercomputer 14 and 15 are the two puzzles with the most amount of questions asked in chat. This makes sense, as their two of the hardest, but is there any more guidance that can be provided in these puzzles? It seems that tutorials would not be doing their job if users don’t feel prepared to even start it (which in at many times, I believe is the case). I feel like the tutorials in general tend to lean a little too much to “discover on your own” with too little direct explanation of basic strategy or how to “use” the game.

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I would like to see someone create a guide to these strategies for sure! but Maybe a better hint with these puzzles Lfp6 has mentioned

A video walk through explaining the process while walking through it would be a good thing i think for a few of these more rough progression puzzles.   id leave 18 for discovery though.

I know you’ve been helping out a bit lately, do you have any thoughts of what things Would need to be covered that people are having a hard time with?

I feel like that’s where the tutorials should be helpful, able to provide that kind of guidance interactively and within the UI.

just better hints for super computer should fix things

i am in agreement .

Well, yes, but any specific parts of the puzzle solving process that you see people having trouble with?

i just did a walkthrough w/ a player super 14 and they have since solved 15 and 16 pretty fast.  after seeing what we did and why we did it help very much .

well its the nature of these puzzle everything has to be just so for it to work.

ok I do have something specific…in 14 the puzzle starts out with two  bases in front of the ms2
  Thats sort of confusing why ot start it out with the full ms2 and then they can start the conman attraction on the base rt next to it.  

Hi LFP6 and Astromon,

I agree with you.  14 and 15 are very difficult and there isn’t enough support for them.  If either of you (or anyone other experienced player) created a new tutorial or made a walkthrough video, I’d be happy to integrate it.  Even if you just gave me pseudo-code, I’d be happy to translate that into the tutorial script.

Re: the progression as a whole, there will be some coming upgrades in terms of providing more support.  Joy45 is writing capsule summaries for each badge about that review what the player has learned thus far and help to structure the next puzzle set.  I can show you more how it will work later this summer (or preview it at Eternacon).  If you have other specific suggestions (for example: “people keep making the same mistake on this puzzle and it stems from a misconception about X, which we could fix by doing Y.”), definitely let me know.

We have a fair amount of data now on how people approach the puzzles that I’m anxious to look at, which might give support and context for your intuitions.

Thanks, as always, for your patience and input.  Look forward to seeing both of you at Eternacon. : )


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Joy45’s review badge is a great idea! Thanks Ben for the thorough reply!