Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch : Are you interested in donating some of your time to monitor the chat stream a couple of hours a week to help new members find their way?


Sure!  Can we use to develop a schedule?

I’m not familiar with that. I’ll check it out.

What do people think we should do. Maybe two two-hour blocks a week: on odd hours. For example, I could do Tuesday’s 7PM to 9PM EST and Sunday’s from 1PM to 3PM EST.

As people who are interested read this. Look through the times and pick a couple of blocks.

Here is a link to a sample Doodle schedule, if you want to use something like this to set up a schedule.  The schedule is set for Pacific Time.  There is only one week in the schedule, but that week could serve as a pattern for subsequent weeks.  The schedule should be open to anybody who reads this.  

i may be able to help a little. I like the 4 hours a week total with two two-hour blocks. 

Hi Jen. That is awesome. So far just me and Mary Anne, so we are covering a fraction of what we could cover. The more the merrier. I am finding it to be kind of Zen (building community rather than building myself), and I can be sort of present with others (in the real world) while moderating the chat. @mac can comment on her experience, but as for me, I find that the chat sessions are somewhat busy when #NeighborhoodWatch is in effect. If you haven’t done so already, follow @mac’s doodle link above to pick a spot.

Just signed up for two slots. Might be a little late next Sunday, and on Fridays I’ll likely need to leave a bit early, but I should be around the majority of the time (not sure if 12-3 then 3-4 PST is correct distribution wise, if it’s actually supposed to be 12-2 there shouldn’t be an issue for Fridays).

Thanks LFP6 and James for being part of this!

I think this is a great idea! When on neighborhood watch, do you make an announcement or anything so new players know you are there to help? I am a little hesitant to sign up right now, because my schedule is a bit unpredictable.

@Meechi: not really sure what is best. I have been saying “I will be covering chat (#NeighborhoodWatch) for the next couple of hours. If you are new to EteRNA, have questions or just want to chat, feel free to join the conversation.”

If there isn’t activity, I will occasionally send out a message like “Monitoring (#NeighborhoodWatch) in the background.”

I am sure that we will figure this out as we go. My personal experience is that when someone is covering chat, there tends to be an ongoing conversation.

I think that this is a great idea to. I will try to convince my dad to let me join but i have no promises. i have unstable elements of my time but i might be able to join. i hope so.