[New Badge Idea] Rank 1000+ Badge

I want to add a badge for people who reach rank 1000 and above. It is a huge milestone, and I feel there should be something commemorating it. I want the badge design to be something related to pandas. After all, who doesn’t love pandas? :smiley:

Good idea, but rank is something that changes over time, up and down.

True, but the requirements should be “if you are in the top 1000”, so that if their rank comes down, they lose it until they can get back into the top 1000. This provides a sense of motivation for sucess.

New concept as suggested by stlnegril9: if you reach rank 1000+, and go back down to below than 1000, the panda’s eyes turn to X’s and instead of “you are now a panda” for rank 1000+, it says “you are now a dead panda”