New error in javascript console

DevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for Eterna Unexpected token ‘<’, "<!doctype "… is not valid JSON

Also I cannot seem to get document.getElementById(‘maingame’) to work in the javascript console at the moment.


Most likely you hit me releasing a website update - if you refresh the page everything should be back to normal. I hope to dig into deployments causing momentary issues less troublesome soon.

As far as accessing the game element from the console, the game itself is now served in an iframe. In the development console, there should be an option to change the “scope” it’s running in from the main window (typically called “top”) to the iframe (which might be called EternaJS, game, index.html, or something similar)

@LFP6 Got it. It’s called ‘game’ as far as I can tell. Thanks.