No Auto-Save Alert

Any puzzle  whether (a) in lab, (b) on ANY development server, or © anywhere in eterna that does NOT autosave should post some obvious alert/warning on it so players know to revert to saving progress via screenshot and export of sequence to text file (so we do not lose our work).

I, for one, no longer screenshot every solution like we used to do when (a) auto-save was buggy, (b) server did not give you your solve, and © we lost stuff when eterna_development_team changed servers.  But, now, things are so much better [HURRAY] with (a) consistent autosave working, solves available from the eterna server, we have been we are trained to expect auto-save.

But autosave is not present consistently across eterna’s many interfaces.

A low cost, helpful, and hopefully easy change. 


wait, is there any issue with just having autosave on for *every* puzzle?

can you just put here a link to puzzles that are missing autosave, and we could try to just turn on autosave for those.

auto-save should be available for all situations.  However it sometimes is not (special projects, development servers, labs).  Problem solved if it is enabled for all those places.  But I suspect we will have some situations where it is either not appropriate or where we are in prototype mode and do not want to spend time & effort to add auto-save.  So, if auto-save is not present in some situations, please warn us.  If always present in all situations, problem goes away too. Thanks.