No xlsx can be uploaded to the wiki, or the forae

Please implemenbt an option where xls and/or xlsx files can be uplaoded to the WIKI
(at the moment: Permitted file types: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, tiff, bmp, ogg, swf, fla, mp4, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pdf.)

Secondly, implement an option to allow attaching files, in addition to pictures, to forum posts.
Thank you.


Will look into that for the Wiki. Thanks for mentioning it.

It would, however, most likely be best to just input it as a table so that everyone can view it without downloading the file.

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Yes, and I have done that already in the FMN forum. However, files such as this one:…
cannot be shared, or copied as a screenprint, or converted into a google spreadsheet…

Yikes. That’s quite… Big. I’ll try to look into that.

has this functionality been added?

I just edited the wiki’s config, it should now accept xlsx files as well. Could you please try?