notify players when someone logs in

welcome new players - when someone new comes on (maybe when ANYONE logs in, at least until you get too many) we all should get a message and sound (like a mini-version of when you win) so that we can welcome them … or quickly add points if it’s someone hot on our tail in the rankings!

This is a great idea. It has been added as feature request #94 in the bug tracker.

Dear Mummiebrain: We agree that this is a great suggestion, however given our limited developer resources, we are going to defer implementing this idea until we can fix some bugs and add some crucial functionality during our beta test period. We will update you if and when we implement this feature. Thank you for your input.

Little bit of an update to this (yep, will probably revive a few threads from early EteRNA as I go through them, assuming they still have value):

Currently, Flash chat reconnects every time you load a page. However, with lroppy’s suggestion of using a persistent frame, this would be possible (of course, assuming that the frame is able to persist even if a user loads a new window, which would disconnect and reconnect chat normally, but there would be a ‘timeout’ for disconnection so the frame isn’t disconnected unless the user does not load a new chat-enabled page for say… 15 seconds). Perhaps add a disconnect notification as well?